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How much does a loft conversion cost?

Loft conversions have become extremely popular in recent years, with house prices on the increase, many homeowners have opted to improve and extend their lofts rather than moving to a bigger property.

So how much will a loft conversion cost and what are the benefits of the investment?

Loft Conversion Price Guide

Although the exact cost will largely depend on the materials selected, scope of the work involved, the size of the loft and the type of property, we can provide a rough pricing guide to give you an insight of what to expect.

Loft / Property TypePrice Guide
Small Loft Conversion (Velux Type Conversion)£33,000 - £37,000 INC VAT
Medium Loft Conversion (Dormer Type Conversion)£39,000 - £43,000 INC VAT
Medium+ Loft Conversion (Mansard Type Conversion)£46,000 - £52,000 INC VAT
Large Loft Conversion (Hip-Gable Type Conversion)£46,000 - £51,000 INC VAT
Large+ Loft Conversion (L-Shaped Type Conversion)£50,000 - £55,000 INC VAT
Loft Conversions

Add Property Value

A loft conversion can add up to 20% to the value of the overall property. Combined with the fact that the process can be relatively quick and simple, loft conversions are a worthwhile investment.

A loft conversion can boost property value by 20%

Is it the right option for you?

Whether you've made the decision to go ahead with a loft conversion or are unsure, we can provide expert advice and support regardless of where you are in the process. Give us a call to get started; our friendly team are always happy to help.

Add Value

By choosing to convert your loft space you can save money on moving but also add value to your property because of the extra living space. This means when you come to move you will see your money back

Add Living Space

This is a great opportunity to make your property suit your needs. Working with our team we can help create: bedrooms, office space or a more organised storage area!

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