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We have developed our process to be as effective and smooth as possible.

As a company, we have developed all of our services with our clients in mind. Our aim is to provide results in line with client expectation, project specification, industry regulations as well as our own company standards and goals. Learn more about our process and what to expect when working with us.

Step one in any building project is the planning stage. This involves a range of various preparations from inspection of your property through to estimation for the entire project. Here at Imperial Development London Limited we will guide you through the entire process.


Every project begins with the initial inspection of the property, gaining an understanding of what you are looking to achieve and seeing what can be done to achieve this and any amendments we would need to make to your property.

Project Cost Estimation

Once we have inspected the property we will undertake a few calculations factoring in materials, labour and any exterior factors, to give you an understanding of the cost involved. At this stage, we would be able to tweak the project as much as we can to get it within your budget. When it comes to house extensions and lofts, we always aim to deliver professional results which you are guaranteed to love for years to come at competitive rates you won't be able to beat elsewhere.

This stage is where we will learn a deeper understanding of what you are aiming to achieve, going into great detail of every aspect from the general style through to light fixtures and plug sockets. In this stage you will benefit from the knowledge and experience of our designers, giving you innovative design tips to really make you new project something special.

Design Brief and Measurements

Our design team will visit your property and conduct a measurement survey and collect accurate readings for your property and the space they have to work with. Once this is done they will create a design based on your requirements and carry out further estimations to make sure the design doesn’t exceed any budgets set in place.

Planning Permission

Once we have decided on a design and structural plan we will then submit this to your local council for planning permission. This usually takes about 8 weeks to be granted.

Drawing and Calculation

Once the plans have been approved one of our highly trained architects will carry out all the necessary structural calculations and building drawings, this is to ensure structural integrity.

Once all permission has been granted and the drawings have been finalised we will check through them all with you one last time to ensure everything is correct. When you are confident to proceed we will arrange all of the necessary tools and materials needed to carry out the work, we will plan our schedule around you to ensure as little disruption as possible.

Finishing Touches

After finishing the building work, we plan and arrange for all the interior work to be completed. Using our in house electricians and plumbers we will plan and install plumbing & electrical systems to fit your needs.


When we have finished all of the necessary work we will give you time to inspect the project to ensure our work not only meets, but exceeds your expectations.

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